Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wash Your Freakin' Hands're the reason people (read: children) are DYING of the SWINE FLU.

EVERY TIME I visit the ladies' room at school (which is often, I drink water like crazy), there is ALWAYS some nasty woman (or 2) who don't even pretend to wash their hands.

Tinkle, flush, peace out.


We're rotating through Big Children's Hospital right now, and my classmates have seen first-hand how bad H1N1 (and the flu in general) is affecting people. Conspiracy or not, people are dying of the flu. Healthly people, dying of the FLU. I simply cannot understand that.

So, y'all, PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS! You can run around with pee-pee hands in your own home, but don't subject us HYGENIC, smart people to your nasty germs!!


P.S. School is getting old. 7 months left. *sigh*

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