Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update and Peace Out

Hey anyone that stumbles across this blog!

Wow, of course a lot has happened since that last post in June.

Right before my PRN orientation/training period at Home Hospital ended, I landed a full-time job at Big City Hospital. The same hospital we did most of our clinicals in school and the same hospital I vowed I would NEVER work at because I hated it there.

It was just okay at first. I was working there with 2 of my best friends from school and some more of my classmates.

I ended up hating it. Loathing it. I quit.

I simply could not go out first rounds with 10-20 more treatments than I could possibly do. I could not go home one more day worrying about some of my patients. I could not worry so much about something that I had to call back up at work and see how the patient or situation was going. Working there made me start to HATE Respiratory Therapy.

The money was GOOD. But I am not that person. I'd rather be happy with my job than happy with the pay.

Just as I was preparing to leave BC Hospital, a job for a Hyperbaric Technician came up at Home Hospital. I had already given my RT boss there a heads up that I wanted to get back on PRN as much as possible. So I just went and talked to the Director of Wound Care to talk about the HBO position just out of curiosity.

She ended up really wanting an RT as the new HBO Tech. Being ACLS certified helped. And she really liked me.

She called to offer me the job a couple days later. A few days after that, she flew me and 2 of my future co-workers to San Antonio for the Hyperbaric Training Course.

I started, got trained by the existing Tech before he left, and have been loving it ever since.

Yeah, sometimes things get on my nerves, I get worked up about things sometimes, my boss irritates me sometimes and has the attention span of a bumble bee......

When I'm home, I don't think about work. I will never have more work than I can handle. And just when I think, "Golly, I sure do miss giving breathing treatments," I pick up a PRN shift in Respiratory and get that out of my system.

I think I stay so happy because it's NOT Big City Hospital. I think I have been at my personal low there (and at a couple other jobs in the past), and almost nothing can approach that low.

I love my job. Life is so great.

I've been catching up on things I dreamed about doing while I was in school. I've finished a book and reading a couple others. We're planning a garden.

I'm having weight loss surgery in 9 days.

So I'm officially ending this blog. It's a happy ending!

I will start a new blog probably. Still thinking of a name.

Good luck everyone and thanks for reading!! :)

Peace out.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I am now an RRT!!!!

Wow, those tests were hard!

Now, I really and truly have my life back! There's so many possibilities for me to spend my free time. It's almost overwhelming all the things I wanted to do while I was in school and now I can FREELY DO THEM without guilt.

So far, I have a PRN position at the hospital I've been working at 4 years now doing various things. Now I'm just higher on the totem pole. I start orientation next week for a few weeks and then I'll be working whenever. In the mean time, I'm still searching for something full-time, but it's kinda slim at the moment.

So, should I end this blog? I've already started another RT related blog, but I'm not sure I want to keep up with just blogging about my career. There's so much more to my life than work and there's so much more to come! IDK, I'll think about it.

Good luck to those still in school! If you're out, take your tests as soon as you can. I got my CRT and RRT within a month of graduation. I think that was a marvelous idea.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh, BTW....

Graduation in 6 days. Officially done in 3.

So ready.

That is all....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


December 24th since my last post? What a shame.

Anyway, 30something days till graduation and I am so ready. The biggest shock lately? Half of the class isn't "walking the stage" at graduation by choice. One of those people is me.

When I made this announcement, one of my classmates was totally wound up over it, "You HAVE to go to graduation. You HAVE to walk. You need that CLOSURE."

Honey, graduation day I'll be chillin' by a pool somewhere or riding my bike free 'n easy on the Trinity Trail. I refuse to give school one more slice of my time.

I don't know about anyone else out there, but school has been a beating. This semester especially. We all want out. We all want our lives back. We all wanna be paid now that we've had 2 years of hard labor in hospitals we may or may not have liked. And, for crying out loud, WE'RE DONE WITH ALL THE 8,921 PFT ROTATIONS WE'VE HAD TO DRAG THORUGH. UUGGHH!!!!!!1


Anyway, soon this series of As Respiratory School Turns will be over. I hope I look back and not be mad at how I spent 2 years of my life. Not continue to be so dang jaded. Then again, what would I have done the past 2 years if I wasn't doing this?


Eh.... I would be like, a master seamstress by now. Maybe not.

I wouldn't have made great friends, I wouldn't have had some good times, I would have had that handful of bad times (no patients involved) that directly affected me - that I learned from.

I wouldn't have all this tremendously unique education. I wouldn't be ready to work and do what I've wanted to do in general with my life.

I'm thankful that everything has stayed intact the past 2 years. Where others have broken up, filed for divorce, and friendships have deteriorated, I have managed to stay an even course. I am SO THANKFUL and I owe it to God for many answered prayers. Also, of course, thankful for my stunning Spouse.

I appreciated the full experience. That's my clousure.

Besides, I've already walked a college stage once, I don't feel it really necessary to do it again.

I'm sure there's a possibility that I will have the opportunity to walk one again. I am, after all, a "Career Student."

Peace out.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Graduation Eve

In 18 days, I will return to school for what is the last semester before I graduate - hopefully.

Last semester was horrible. I took on a bit too much with school and work. It's all good now. I'm still thanking God every day for such a "stunning" husband.

I know I haven't posted in a super long time. I should have, to get my thoughts out there. But there was a time where if I wasn't at school or studying, I'd just rather go to bed. And I did.... several times.

I'm not gonna sugar-coat this, but if you're thinking about RT school, know that it is very challenging. Mentally prepare yourself for the change in your lifestyle. This aspect may not effect everyone the same. But, for me, when your life consists of just working a cake job full-time and pretty much doing anything you want in your spare time, to working barely-part-time and not being able to plan a single thing in your life because of tests and school, it can be a slap in the face.

Oh, and when it's Summer semester and for the first time you walk up to a patient on a ventilator and your face must look screwed up like you're watching a ghost so your instructor says, "It's okay, you'll be fine, it's just 'a box that blows air,'" that's clever or whatever, but, no, there's just a smidge more to it than that. Know your vent stuff, those things can do amazing stuff.

On the eve of graduation, my advice is still: record your lectures. Also, avoid the drama as best you can, make time for yourself - find just an hour or so to do a hobby or activity you used to have so you don't feel like you've totally lost yourself in the chaos.

Breaking my sewing machine out of storage this winter break has brought me so much joy, even when the thing was acting crazy and making me frustrated. Reading fiction and non-school books has also been wonderful. It's nice to have these things back and I plan on setting aside just a bit of time next semester to continue to enjoy these things.

Another hobby I took up is going to church. It has helped so much. I should have gotten into it sooner. Sunday is a day I am always looking forward to.

I hope all my RT student fellow-bloggers and any readers out there who happen to stumble by have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

See you then :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wash Your Freakin' Hands're the reason people (read: children) are DYING of the SWINE FLU.

EVERY TIME I visit the ladies' room at school (which is often, I drink water like crazy), there is ALWAYS some nasty woman (or 2) who don't even pretend to wash their hands.

Tinkle, flush, peace out.


We're rotating through Big Children's Hospital right now, and my classmates have seen first-hand how bad H1N1 (and the flu in general) is affecting people. Conspiracy or not, people are dying of the flu. Healthly people, dying of the FLU. I simply cannot understand that.

So, y'all, PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS! You can run around with pee-pee hands in your own home, but don't subject us HYGENIC, smart people to your nasty germs!!


P.S. School is getting old. 7 months left. *sigh*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's That Time

Behold: September:

And I don't even have Microbiology junk on there yet.

I don't like making plans....

....because then school starts and it gets cancelled. These things I'll be doing instead of going to the concert are fun and important. The fun thing is (if I choose to accept the mission) I might play a "Trauma Patient" for County Hospital. Interesting.