Wednesday, March 31, 2010


December 24th since my last post? What a shame.

Anyway, 30something days till graduation and I am so ready. The biggest shock lately? Half of the class isn't "walking the stage" at graduation by choice. One of those people is me.

When I made this announcement, one of my classmates was totally wound up over it, "You HAVE to go to graduation. You HAVE to walk. You need that CLOSURE."

Honey, graduation day I'll be chillin' by a pool somewhere or riding my bike free 'n easy on the Trinity Trail. I refuse to give school one more slice of my time.

I don't know about anyone else out there, but school has been a beating. This semester especially. We all want out. We all want our lives back. We all wanna be paid now that we've had 2 years of hard labor in hospitals we may or may not have liked. And, for crying out loud, WE'RE DONE WITH ALL THE 8,921 PFT ROTATIONS WE'VE HAD TO DRAG THORUGH. UUGGHH!!!!!!1


Anyway, soon this series of As Respiratory School Turns will be over. I hope I look back and not be mad at how I spent 2 years of my life. Not continue to be so dang jaded. Then again, what would I have done the past 2 years if I wasn't doing this?


Eh.... I would be like, a master seamstress by now. Maybe not.

I wouldn't have made great friends, I wouldn't have had some good times, I would have had that handful of bad times (no patients involved) that directly affected me - that I learned from.

I wouldn't have all this tremendously unique education. I wouldn't be ready to work and do what I've wanted to do in general with my life.

I'm thankful that everything has stayed intact the past 2 years. Where others have broken up, filed for divorce, and friendships have deteriorated, I have managed to stay an even course. I am SO THANKFUL and I owe it to God for many answered prayers. Also, of course, thankful for my stunning Spouse.

I appreciated the full experience. That's my clousure.

Besides, I've already walked a college stage once, I don't feel it really necessary to do it again.

I'm sure there's a possibility that I will have the opportunity to walk one again. I am, after all, a "Career Student."

Peace out.

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