Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update and Peace Out

Hey anyone that stumbles across this blog!

Wow, of course a lot has happened since that last post in June.

Right before my PRN orientation/training period at Home Hospital ended, I landed a full-time job at Big City Hospital. The same hospital we did most of our clinicals in school and the same hospital I vowed I would NEVER work at because I hated it there.

It was just okay at first. I was working there with 2 of my best friends from school and some more of my classmates.

I ended up hating it. Loathing it. I quit.

I simply could not go out first rounds with 10-20 more treatments than I could possibly do. I could not go home one more day worrying about some of my patients. I could not worry so much about something that I had to call back up at work and see how the patient or situation was going. Working there made me start to HATE Respiratory Therapy.

The money was GOOD. But I am not that person. I'd rather be happy with my job than happy with the pay.

Just as I was preparing to leave BC Hospital, a job for a Hyperbaric Technician came up at Home Hospital. I had already given my RT boss there a heads up that I wanted to get back on PRN as much as possible. So I just went and talked to the Director of Wound Care to talk about the HBO position just out of curiosity.

She ended up really wanting an RT as the new HBO Tech. Being ACLS certified helped. And she really liked me.

She called to offer me the job a couple days later. A few days after that, she flew me and 2 of my future co-workers to San Antonio for the Hyperbaric Training Course.

I started, got trained by the existing Tech before he left, and have been loving it ever since.

Yeah, sometimes things get on my nerves, I get worked up about things sometimes, my boss irritates me sometimes and has the attention span of a bumble bee......

When I'm home, I don't think about work. I will never have more work than I can handle. And just when I think, "Golly, I sure do miss giving breathing treatments," I pick up a PRN shift in Respiratory and get that out of my system.

I think I stay so happy because it's NOT Big City Hospital. I think I have been at my personal low there (and at a couple other jobs in the past), and almost nothing can approach that low.

I love my job. Life is so great.

I've been catching up on things I dreamed about doing while I was in school. I've finished a book and reading a couple others. We're planning a garden.

I'm having weight loss surgery in 9 days.

So I'm officially ending this blog. It's a happy ending!

I will start a new blog probably. Still thinking of a name.

Good luck everyone and thanks for reading!! :)

Peace out.

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